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Benjamin Acosta-Cazares, Edmund Browne, Ronald E. LaPorte, Dieter Neuvians, Kenneth Rochel de Camargo, Roberto Tapia-Conyer, and Yang Ze (13 Jan 2000)
Scientific Colonialism and Safari Research
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James H. Allen (29 Nov 2001)
Cannabinoid Hyperemesis or "Marijuana Morning Sickness"
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Carlos Alvarez-Dardet, Cristina Montahud, and Maria Teresa Ruiz (29 Dec 1999)
The widening social class gap of preventive health behaviours in Spain
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Selm M Ansari, Sabina Banu, Tahmina Begum, and Abu B. Siddique (26 Feb 2004)
Does Homeopathic Medicine can cure cholelithiasis ? An Ultrasonographic follow up result of 179 patients in Bangladesh
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Detection of differentially expressed genes in LPS treated human renal tubular epithelial cells using c DNA arrays
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Ian N Back and Ilora G Finlay (15 Aug 2000)
Caudal epidural analgesia in palliative care: a review of case notes.
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ian N Back (15 Aug 2000)
The management of neuropathic pain in cancer: questionnaire on the treatment choices of palliative medicine physicians in the UK.
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Nadiya Branicka, Ulyana Lushchyk, and Victor Novyckyy (2 Aug 2001)
Mathematical simulation of hemodynamical processes and medical technologies
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Charles Bulman (19 Dec 1999)
Audit of Stapedectomy in the N.W of England for 1996 and analysis of criteria used to describe success.
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Simon D. Carley, Carol Libetta, Brian Flavin, John Butler, Nam Tong, and Ian A. Sammy (29 Dec 1999)
An open prospective randomised trial to reduce the pain of blood glucose testing. Ear vs Thumb.
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Arrigo FG Cicero, Simona Nascetti, Egidio Pedro, Sergio D'Addato, and Antonio Gaddi (1 Apr 2003)
A “didactic” Familial Combined Hyperlipoproteinemia case report with a early total occlusion of the right carotid.
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Aravinthan Coomarasamy, Harry Gee, Mary Publicova, and Khalid S Khan (14 Nov 2000)
Medical journals and dissemination of health research: have they fulfilled their role?
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Jesse R Cougle, David C Reardon, and Priscilla K Coleman (25 Apr 2001)
Depression associated with abortion and childbirth: A long-term analysis of the NLSY cohort
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Rennie M. D'Souza and Ron D'Souza (5 Mar 2001)
Vitamin A for the treatment of measles in children - A systematic review
clinmed [Abstract]
Rennie M. D'Souza and Ron D'Souza (8 Mar 2001)
Vitamin A for the treatment of measles in children - A systematic review
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Kathleen Daly, Richard Beale, and René W S Chang (27 Jul 2000)
Triaging ICU discharges to reduce mortality from inappropriate early discharges
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Peter C. Elwood, Andrew Beswick, Janet Pickering, Peter McCarron, John R. O'Brien, Serge Renaud, and Rod Flower (29 Aug 2000)
Platelet tests in the prediction of myocardial infarction and ischaemic stroke: evidence from the Caerphilly prospective study
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Aristomenis Exadaktylos, Guido Sclabas, Stephan Eggli, Jürg Lutherbacher, and Heinz Zimmermann (10 Sep 2002)
Superstitions and emergencies in the city. Facts and myths about Fridays, Good Fridays, the number 13 and the phases of the moon in the Swiss capital
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [HTML Page - Table_1_Friday13th_Exadaktylos_et_al.htslp] [HTML Page - Table_2_Friday13th_2001_Exadaktylos_et_al.htslp]
Gunther Eysenbach (12 Nov 2000)
Evaluation of the usefulness of Internet searches to identify unpublished clinical trials for systematic reviews
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Michael Ferriter, Paul Mooney, and Raymond Travers (23 Sep 2003)
Risperidone as a treatment for symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Reaction/Disorder. A systematic review.
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Silvana Figar, Gabriel Waisman, Fernan Gonzalez Bernaldo de Quiros, Carlos Galarza, Marcelo Marchetti, Gabriela Rodriguez Loria, Luis Camera, Daniel Seinhart, and Mario Camera (13 Feb 2003)
Narrowing the gap in Hypertension: Efficacy of a Complex Antihypertensive Intervention Program in the Elderly – (CAIPE).
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Kenshi Furusho, Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Sei Sasaki, Toru Akasaka, Masahiko Arita, and Alan Edwards (21 Mar 2000)
The treatment of moderate to severe asthma in children with a combination of nebulised sodium cromoglycate and salbutamol
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ian Galloway, Marry-Gordon Mackenzie, Andrew McIvor, and Paul Hernandez (24 Feb 2004)
Simplifying APACHE II Scoring using PDA’s
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Stanley E. Greben (29 Dec 2000)
Is Psychotherapy Made Irrelevant By Psychopharmacology?
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Peter H Green (7 Apr 2000)
Health Needs Assessment In Primary Care Groups
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Sridhar Gumpeny (21 Mar 2000)
Hypothyroid man with adult onset diabetes who spontaneously developed thyrotoxicosis
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ioan Axente Gutiu, Ioan Laurentiu Gutiu, and Ligia Dolis (31 Jul 2001)
Chlamydia Pneumoniae infection in the hospitalized patients with history of old and recent myocardial infarction from Romania.
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ian Harvey and Jenny L Donovan (4 Sep 2001)
Reporting on sexual function in randomised controlled trials
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ira Helfand, Lachlan Forrow, and Jaya Tiwari (11 Jan 2002)
Projected Casualties from a Terrorist Nuclear Explosion in a Large Urban Area
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Jyotsna M Joshi (21 Aug 2000)
Pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale due to obliterative bronchiolitis (OB)
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ismail H. KARA, Bünyamin DIKICI, Mehmet BOSNAK, Fuat GÜRKAN, and Kenan HASPOLAT (29 Dec 2000)
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Christos Kassionis (22 Dec 2000)
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Nadia Khaldi, Koffi Botti, Antoine Oliveira, and Sophie Gromb (13 Feb 2003)
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [HTML Page - tableau_lyell.htslp]
Alexei R. Koudinov and Natalia V. Koudinova (27 Nov 2001)
Brain cholesterol pathology is the cause of Alzheimer's disease
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [Adobe PDF - clinmed2001100005v1.PDF]
Alexei R. Koudinov, Temirbolat T. Berezov, and Natalia V. Koudinova (17 Dec 2001)
Amyloid plaque (and not diffuse amyloid) is a condition for neuronal dysfunction
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [Adobe PDF - clinmed2001110002.PDF]
Sebastian Kraemer (22 Aug 2000)
The Fragile Male
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
John J. Lambie (24 Oct 2000)
Private Healthcare under the Care Standards Act
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Rebecca J Lawton and Anthony Burton (21 Aug 2000)
Clinical guidelines: A means to too many ends?
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clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Pier P Mariani, Gianluca Camillieri, Fabrizio Margheritini, Ezio Adriani, and Gaetano Maresca (10 Jan 2000)
Transcondylar screw fixation in ACL reconstruction
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David F Marks and Catherine M Sykes (17 Dec 1999)
Randomised controlled trial of cognitive behavioural therapy for smokers living in a deprived area of London
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Trevor G. Marshall and Frances E. Marshall (22 Aug 2002)
Remission in Sarcoidosis
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Trevor G. Marshall and Frances E. Marshall (29 Aug 2002)
Valsartan Dosing Regime Modulates Psychotic Events in Two Sarcoidosis Patients
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Trevor G Marshall and Frances E Marshall (27 Jan 2003)
New Treatments Emerge as Sarcoidosis Yields Up its Secrets
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ray McGlone, Trevor Fleet, Stuart Durham, and Sally Hollis (14 Dec 1999)
A comparison of intramuscular ketamine with high dose intramuscular midazolam with and without intranasal flumazenil in children prior to suturing
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ray McGlone, Trevor Fleet, Stuart Durham, and Sally Hollis (18 Dec 1999)
A comparison of intramuscular ketamine with high dose intramuscular midazolam with and without intranasal flumazenil in children prior to suturing
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Oliver W Morgan (29 Jun 2004)
Increasing physical activity: an exercise in evidence based practice?
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Christopher W. Oliver and William A. Doward (17 Dec 1999)
Quality of Patient Information on the Orthopaedic Internet
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Phillip Oliver and Jenny Keen (14 Nov 2000)
Deaths from drugs of abuse in Sheffield 1997 – 1999: What are the implications for GPs prescribing to heroin addicts?
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Vincent C. Onuora, Mohammed Al Turki, Abdelmoniem Koko, Ahmed Meabed, and Nasser Al Jawini (13 Dec 1999)
Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy in Children
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Murat Ozeren, Pelin Durmazlar, and Ertan Yucel (28 Feb 2005)
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Jürgen Paetz, Björn Arlt, Katharina Holzer, Rüdiger Brause, Albrecht Encke, and Ernst Hanisch (25 Feb 2004)
Breaking the paradigm: Scores are of no clinical relevance for predicting outcome in abdominal septic shock patients
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Praveen Partha, Ravi P Shankar, and Nagesh K Shenoy (26 Jul 2002)
A study on the use of complementary and alternative medicine therapies in and around Pokhara sub-metropolitan city, western Nepal
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
JMS Pearce (5 Mar 2001)
Psychosocial factors in chronic disability
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Chetan D. Poduri and Das M. R. (25 Apr 2001)
RFLP Typing of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) isolates from infected Indian patients.
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Kirsten C Rasmussen, Mussa Krasniqi, Knud Søndergaard, and Steen Watt-Boolsen (15 May 2000)
Mastectomy by electrodissection: a report of technique and short term complications.
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
David C Reardon, Philip G Ney, Fritz J Scheuren, Jesse R Cougle, Priscilla K Coleman, and Thomas W Strahan (25 Apr 2001)
Suicide Deaths Associated with Pregnancy Outcome: A Record Linkage Study of 173,279 Low Income American Women
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Anthony MK Rickwood, Simon E Kenny, and Steven C Donnell (21 Apr 2000)
Towards Evidence-Based Circumcision of English Boys
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [HTML Page - Table.htslp] [HTML Page - Figure1.htslp]
Elizabeth M Rink (15 May 2000)
Urinary tract symptoms: Communicating information and primary health care advice for women through the lay literature
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
J.B. Robins, M. Woodward, G.D.O. Lowe, P. McCaul, H. Cheyne, and J.J Walker (1 Apr 2003)
Maternal blood rheology and pregnancy induced hypertension
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [HTML Page - header.htslp]
Adriano M. Sala Tenna, Patrick D.R. Addison, and Christopher W. Oliver (22 Dec 1999)
Are custom built trauma and orthopaedic internet search engines any use?
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [HTML Page - Search engine table 5.htslp]
Vinod Scaria (25 Feb 2004)
How the Public Access Health Information on the Internet: A study involving Public Internet Access Points.
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Pedro H.P.A. Schildknecht and Benedicto C. Vidal (24 Oct 2001)
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [Adobe PDF - eprint.pdf]
Karl Schmidt (14 Nov 2000)
Drugs: Are we missing something?
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Bastian M. Seidel, Simone Schubert, Birgit Labitzke, and Michael Borte (16 May 2002)
The influence of prelabor rupture of the membranes (PROM) on levels of oral mucosal immunoglobulins in the neonate
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Urmi Sen and Arindam Basu (26 May 2000)
Analysis of Factors Influencing An Adolescent's Intention To Be A Non-smoker
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Said Shahtahmasebi (1 Apr 2003)
The correlates of teenage smoking: some problems with interpreting the evidence
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Said Shahtahmasebi (25 Feb 2004)
First round analysis of the confidential inquiry into homicides and suicides by mentally ill people in Leeds, UK.
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ravi P Shankar and Pranaya Mishra (16 May 2002)
Student feedback on the objective structured component of the practical examination in pharmacology
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ravi P Shankar and Pranaya Mishra (16 May 2002)
Influence of school education on attitudes towards transferable skills in medical undergraduates
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ravi P Shankar, Praveen Partha, and Nagesh Shenoy (16 May 2002)
Prescribing patterns in medical outpatients
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ravi P Shankar, Pawan Kumar, Aravindam M Theodore, Praveen Partha, and Nagesh Shenoy (16 May 2002)
A survey of drug use patterns in western Nepal
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ravi P Shankar, Biswadeep Das, Praveen Partha, and Nagesh Shenoy (16 May 2002)
Medical students’ opinions about complementary and alternative medicine: a questionnaire based survey
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ravi P Shankar, Samit Roy, and Nagesh Shenoy (26 Jul 2002)
Patterns of prescription and drug use in a psychiatry out-patient department in a teaching hospital in western Nepal
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ravi P Shankar, Pranaya Mishra, and Praveen Partha (26 Jul 2002)
Importance of transferable skills in pharmacology
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Ravi P Shankar, Praveen Partha, Nagesh K Shenoy, and Kailash N Brahmadathan (26 Jul 2002)
Investigation of antimicrobial use pattern in the intensive treatment unit of a teaching hospital in western Nepal
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Peter A. Singer (22 Dec 2000)
The Global Alliance for Health Information
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Yuzefa Ts. Sobol, Constantin V. Sobol, and Boris L. Makeev (13 Feb 2003)
A special rehabilitation physical training exercise program for high-risk unconscious surgical patients.
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Dale A. Stirling (29 Aug 2000)
Using Land Use History to Identify Public Health Risks
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
James E. Till (21 Mar 2000)
Peer review in a post-eprints world
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Douglas G. Tincello, Elisabeth J. Adams, and David H. Richmond (14 Nov 2000)
Antenatal screening for postpartum urinary incontinence in nulliparous women: results of a pilot study
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Colin Todhunter (25 Apr 2001)
Conflict and Coercion: Working Together at the Interface of Continuing Health and Social Care?
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Mehmet Ungan and Sedat Isikli (5 Mar 2001)
Endoscopy and Anxiety
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text]
Luis Vitetta, David Kenner, and Avni Sali (6 Apr 2000)
Bacterial Infections in Terminally Ill Patients
clinmed [Abstract] [Full Text] [HTML Page - Table.htslp]
Luis Vitetta, David Kenner, David Kissane, and Avni Sali (29 Oct 2000)
Clinical Outcomes in Terminally Ill Patients Admitted to Hospice Care: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventions
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