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Trevor G. Marshall and Frances E. Marshall
Remission in Sarcoidosis
clinmed/2002080004v1 [Abstract] [Full text]

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[Read eLetter] Related article on use of Tetracylins in the treatment of Sarcoidosis
George C. Hartwell   (1 April 2003)
[Read eLetter] Remission in Sarcoidosis
Jan Lewis   (1 April 2003)

Related article on use of Tetracylins in the treatment of Sarcoidosis 1 April 2003
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George C. Hartwell,
marriage counsellor

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Re: Related article on use of Tetracylins in the treatment of Sarcoidosis

GHartwell{at} George C. Hartwell

I am drawing your attention to an article published in the Archives of Dermatology, January of 2001 on the Use of Tetracylins in the Treatment of Sarcoidosis.

The article outlines the treatment of 12 patients with minocylin and, after discontiuation and with a relapse, with doxycylin.

I do not have the article in front of me so I will not try to give the detailed results. In general 10 of 12 patients experienced remission in a period of 1 month to 6 months of beginning the tetracylin.

I will have to get the details for you and post that.

I have pulmonary sarcoidosis and began to treat that with 200 mg/ day of doxycylin in November of 2002. I have esperienced a reduction of coughing and subjective gains in lung capacity. I am very pleased with the results so far and will get full lab testing done next week.

George Hartwell

Remission in Sarcoidosis 1 April 2003
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Jan Lewis,
Exec. Sec.

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Re: Remission in Sarcoidosis

hailebop2001{at} Jan Lewis

I have had sarcoidosis since 2000. I have refused to take prednisone and chose instead neutraceuticals which eliminated all of my symptoms, but did not eliminate the disease. Each CT scan has continued to get worse despite the fact that I can breathe normally, have no aches or pains, and lead a normal, active life. I took my dr. a copy of this latest report on Rickettsia and he told me point blank that he would no longer treat me because I knew more than he did and suggested I go to a clinic out of state for sarcoidosis, which by the way Cleveland Clinic has and has just been given a grant on further research of the disease. I'm not certain I can take tetracyclines since I did have a reaction once. But, I am more than willing to try. It seems ridiculous to me that I am being sent 6 hours out of my way due to a physician's ego.

I called Cleveland today and they had not seen this research either. So, I shared the weblink with them. We must do our part in getting this information to those that have the funding to study it. Is there any info on how people are responding to this locally?

Sincerely, Jan Lewis

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