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Launched in December 1999, this website provides a place for authors to archive their completed studies - before, during, or after peer review by other agencies. Its scope is original research into clinical medicine and health.

The philosophy underlying the site is set out in the December 11, 1999 issue of the BMJ coinciding with the site's launch.

The process

How to submit articles

A full description of the submission process can be found via the Advice to contributors link found on the home page and other places on the site.

How we screen articles

Before posting, articles will be screened to ensure that they contain original research into clinical medicine or health and that they don't breach patient confidentiality or libel anyone. All articles fulfilling these minimal conditions will be posted, usually within 24 hours of receipt.

The appearance of an article on this server is therefore not intended to convey approval of its assumptions, methods, or conclusions. Each preprint will be prefaced by the following disclaimer:

Warning: This article has not yet been accepted for publication by a peer reviewed journal. It is presented here mainly for the benefit of fellow researchers. Casual readers should not act on its findings, and journalists should be wary of reporting them.

What happens afterwards?


After posting their completed study, authors may update it as often as they like. Each new version will be allocated a different version number and, although the latest version will be shown first, all previous versions will be accessible.


Once posted, articles can be retracted but not removed from the server.

Readers' feedback

Readers can to send their comments about each article, via a rapid response facility. Our intention is to post all responses that contribute substantially to the topic.

Peer review

Feedback from readers does not constitute peer review as it is currently understood. For authors who wish to submit their work to a peer reviewed journal, we provide lists of journals that do and do not accept submissions that have previously appeared as electronic preprints (see Journal policies). In time, we hope to allow authors to activate submissions from this website to the journal of their choice, thus streamlining the peer review process.

Once articles have been published by a peer reviewed journal, we would like to direct readers to the full text of this final version, wherever it is. This could be via a hypertext link to the peer reviewed journal or to the author's personal or institutional website. Authors who want to post the peer reviewed article on will ensure that they are not signing away this right as part of the licensing/copyright conditions agreed with the peer reviewed journal. We hope to publish journal policies relating to this issue in due course.


Copyright remains with the authors, and permission to reproduce material posted here should be sought from them. Similarly, pursuing copyright infringements, plagiarism, etc. remains the responsibility of authors.


This website results from a collaboration between the BMJ Publishing Group and Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press.

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